OSForensics 11.0.1007 Crack Plus License Key Free Download 2024

OSForensics 11.0.1007 Crack Plus Serial Key

OSForensics 11.0.1007 Crack is a feature-rich digital forensics tool developed by PassMark Software. It serves as a vital resource for investigators in recovering and analyzing digital evidence, identifying suspicious activities, and solving computer-related crimes. OSForensics is compatible with Windows operating systems and provides an extensive range of functionalities to navigate the complexities of forensic investigations.


The software operates by analyzing the data present on a target system, including deleted files, registry entries, email archives, web browsing history, and system artifacts. It employs powerful algorithms and advanced search techniques to extract and present this information in a structured and accessible manner. This allows investigators to dig deep into a computer’s file system, uncover hidden files, and recover fragmented or deleted data that may hold crucial evidence.

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital forensics, investigators and security professionals rely on advanced tools to extract valuable information from computer systems. As computers are difficult to handle and removing electronic evidence seems very simple and easy. But you can identify and restore that information by some software or application. One such powerful and comprehensive tool is OSForensics. This application enables you to search for suspicious files. It gives a full scan of emails, deleted files, and browsing history. So, you can easily investigate all the suspicious files. You can also access the encrypted files all over the drive. In addition, you can check all the registries, cookies, and caches of the system. Hence, you can check the entire drive with the help of this marvelous software.


Moreover, you can make use of the features report generator that allows you to manage the data. It can be very useful when you are dealing with more than one case. You can manage data and view the overall progress of each case. OSForensics contains many features and tools that help you to investigate the system with ease and simple way.


OSForensics is a powerful application that lets you extract evidence from a PC. It helps you to quickly search and index files. You can identify suspicious files via its features and tools that include drive signature, hash matching, email, and memory searches. It also enables you to manage your investigated data and allows you to manage your reports. This application provides you fastest and most influential methods to detect files on the system. It provides you this by searching through file name, file size, file creation date, or modified date. Many criteria assist you in searching and investigating PC. It also helps you by accessing the history, timeline, and all the previous activity on that system.

  • File Searching and Indexing: This feature helps you to discover relevant data.
  • Hash Matching and Signature: It allows you to identify all the evidence or suspicious files or activity.
  • Manage Data: It enables you to manage all cases from start to end.
  • Reports: You can make personal reports and edit them. Also, attach other information with that report.
  • Fast and Powerful: It gives you a fast scan and locates your evidence quickly.
  • One Click Process: You can access all the activity and history with just one click.
  • Budget-friendly: This software is not very expensive.
  • Hassle-free Maintenance: Offers hassle-free maintenance.
  • Compatible: It is compatible with Windows, Linux, Mac, and other file systems.


  • Features rich and complete toolset
  • Organized interface
  • Install on USB also


  • Some unstable tools

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